Pew Charitable Trusts
The mission of the Pew Charitable Trusts’ environment work is to strengthen policies and practices in ways that produce significant and measurable protection for terrestrial and marine ecosystems worldwide. In doing so, they work to advance scientific understanding of the causes and consequences of environmental problems, design policy solutions to these problems and mobilise public support for implementation. Current marine work includes projects to establish large highly protected marine reserves, create shark sanctuaries and reduce demand for shark fin, ensure sustainable fisheries in US and European waters, secure international science-based rules to regulate some of the world’s largest tuna fisheries, prohibit destructive high seas bottom trawling and end illegal fishing.
Somerville College
Somerville College is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford. Founded in 1879 as one of the first women’s colleges, it is named after Mary Somerville (1780-1872), the best-known female scientist of her day. Somerville became a mixed college in 1994. Its undergraduates, postgraduates and fellows study and research a wide range of subjects spanning the arts, sciences, medicine, engineering and the humanities. Alumni include former Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and Indira Gandhi, and Dorothy Hodgkin, the only British woman scientist to have won a Nobel Prize.
Adessium Foundation
Adessium Foundation aspires to a world in which people live in harmony with each other and with their environments. The Foundation is working to create a balanced society characterised by integrity, justice, and a balance between people and nature. The name Adessium is inspired by the Latin phrase ad esse, literally ‘into being’. It signifies help, support, and participation that bring about positive change.
Oceans 5 Logo
Oceans 5 brings together a number of philanthropists committed to ocean conservation. The group collectively targets its investments and support on projects and campaigns aimed at protecting biodiversity and constraining overfishing. It supports focused projects with limited timeframes that have the capacity to produce clear and measurable returns.
The Swire Group Charitable Trust
The Swire Group Charitable Trust was established in 1983 as the philanthropic arm of the Swire group in Hong Kong and is funded by Swire group companies. The Trust envisions a flourishing world of diversity, equal opportunity and sustainable growth. To achieve this vision, the Trust funds non-profit organizations in the environment, education and arts and culture in Hong Kong and Mainland China.